notes from a talk (including stein09)

Non-compliant. Disloyal. Not making exclusive claims. Non-singular vision. Inconsistent. Non-hierarchical. Non-categorical.

To make meaning work - not tied up, and definitely living in the world (not a closed loop): ‘A composition of the prolonged present is a natural composition in the world’ - Gertrude Stein. [The ‘prolonged’ is as much the point as the present, to me. As is ‘in the world’.]


Stu said…
Thanks for posting these notes, Jill. The convergence of the experimental and experiential is one of the 'lessons'/reminders I've taken from the panel. The Stein quote is very helpful.

It was great to meet you. I really enjoyed the Sunday morning collage readings too.

Take care,
Paul said…
I was on the radio with Gertrude Stein in the USA once. There's Stu! I am collating all available internet feedback from TINA. Thanks for the notes.

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