out of the box - is nearly out

'Out of the Box: Contemporary Australian Gay and Lesbian Poets', edited by Michael Farrell and Jill Jones (Puncher and Wattmann).

To be launched by Professor Susan Sheridan at Feast Festival
Saturday 21 November, 11am
at Saldechin, 21 King William Street, Adelaide.

Readers at the launch include Michael Farrell, Jill Jones and Peter Rose.

Poets in the anthology include David Malouf, Dorothy Porter, Peter Rose, Pam Brown, Chris Edwards, Lee Cataldi, Martin Harrison, joanne burns, Bel Schenk, Terry Jaensch, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Tricia Dearborn, Javant Biarujia, Kate Lilley, and many many others.

"Out of the Box is poised at the junction of the poetic moment and the queer moment in contemporary Australia – a doubly-rich rubric for reading the wonderful poems here. The collection poses complex interconnections between poetics, politics and identity: just one measure of its great achievement." - Elizabeth McMahon

"These writers are amongst the best of Australian poets. Their poetry rearranges any assumed connection between the sexualities of writers and readers and the content of the writing, yet asks that each be considered." - Michael Hurley

It's the first contemporary Australian gay and lesbian poetry anthology. Poems of the 21st century: sexy, sassy, innovative, and real.

Read an interview about the anthology with Michael and me, by Scott-Patrick Mitchell in OUTinPerth.


Ivy said…
Yay, Jill! Congratulations!
Jill Jones said…
Thanks, Ivy. A long process, but it looks good. J
Unknown said…
congrats jill & michael! x kate
Jill Jones said…
thanx kate, now i hope to show m the fleshpots of adelaide :-)
michaelf said…
mmmm .. fleshpots ..
Maxine said…
I look forward to reading this. Well done.
richard lopez said…
wow, cool, anthol. congratulations to you and michael.

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