announcing my new e-chapbook

Lars Palm has got busy publishing again through his ungovernable press. He's just published three works in pdf format (free, downloadable), including my own Passages: Annotations. This e-chapbook is an extract from something I hope one day might see the light of day in hard copy, and is a collection of writing from this blog and a number of other projects that I was engaged with over the last ten years. It is a poetry and poetics assembly. The cover photo is by Annette Willis.

Lars has set up a good reads page so, once you've had a read, you can leave a comment there or here on the blog, if you like.

The other two new ungovernable press publications are Amanda Laughtland's Take It and Felino A. Soriano's Intersecting Views of the Possible Interaction. You should check them out as well. And all the other great downloads there.

Ungovernable press now has a facebook page, if you want to join up.

I'm honoured to be part of ungovernable, and well pleased to have a digital chapbook.


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