they haven't got this one licked

As they say, postage stamps aren't what they used to be. I prefer birds on mine, but good old Aussie Post has now taken to sticking (so to speak) 'literary types' on our stamps.

And here they are: Peter Carey, Tom Keneally, David Malouf, Bryce Courtenay, Tim Winton, oh and Colleen McCollough. This article in the SMH notes, wrongly, what is wrong with this picture. It reported one of the authors saying there were no poets. David Malouf is a poet, for all that he has also written prose. But what is wrong is kind of obvious when you do look. Five blokes, one woman - only. No Indigenous writers. Ah, the 21st century and time still stands still! Another poet woulda been nice, as well.


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