fresh, new, breezy delicious

Some fresh new things to dive amongst at Snorkel. Includes Jenny Bornholdt, Kate Fagan, and Tricia Dearborn, among others.

Otoliths is breezy and suitably autumnal. (It was reportedly 6 degrees here this morning.) Includes Michael Farrell, Adam Fieled, Tim Wright, Kristen Kashock, Michelle Cahill, and many more, plus special features, including poems by Michael Rothenberg & David Meltzer.

On the northern side of the world, it's spring, so there's a big new issue of Blazevox for delectation. Includes Stacy Kidd, Jim Bennett, Sam Silva, Geoffrey Gatza, and many, many others.

There's a new issue of Mascara online. Includes Cath Vidler, Indran Amirthanayagam, Greg McLaren, James Stuart, Adam Aitken, Jenny Lewis, Eileen Chong, Anindita Sengupta, and Johanna Featherstone, amongst many others.

And last but absolutely not least, here's a new journal, Polari, which features writers with affiliations to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities and cultures (don't you love an acronym, or strictly, an initialism). Includes work from Staceyann Chin, Pam Brown, Lucinda Shaw, amongst others.

Some pieces from myself in some but not all the above ezines.


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