memory and the river

I recently put together a sequence of poems around the idea of rivers and memory for two friends of mine, the sound artists and composers Solange Kershaw and Damian Castaldi, who were working on a project called Memory Flows.

The result is a sound installation using contact and gravity, where the words of my poem flow randomly in time with the swinging back and forth of three diamond shaped acrylic water pendulums, each filled to a different capacity with a blue toxic liquid, triggering a different memory, dripping into the muddy waters of the Parramatta River.

Damian and Solange have put up some visuals of the installation on their website, which includes mp3s of their interpretation of my poem.

The installation can be seen at The Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park, Newington NSW, until 20 June 2010.


Paul said…
Care for a quick dip in my stream of consciousness, clothing optional, haha!
Jill Jones said…
Haha, yeah - thanks Paul, but I think it best to leave most waters to run free. by themselves, these days ...
Adam Aitken said…
It's a very beautiful sound poem. One of the best I've heard. I love it.

Jill Jones said…
Thanks Adam. It's always weird hearing your words read by others, but Solange and Damian kept me in the loop on this one, so I'm happy.

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