breaking foam(e)

Hey, ho - again, I'm late bringing this to your attention but not all that long ago the latest issue of foam:e hit the inter-tubes, guest edited by Laurie Duggan and featuring work by a plethora of poets including Ken Bolton; Jenny Bornholdt; Pam Brown; Joanne Burns; Michelle Cahill; Murray Edmond; Michael Farrell; Denis Gallagher; Katherine Gallagher; Philip Hammial; Gregory Horne; Jill Jones; Kit Kelen; August Kleinzahler; Sophia Kraemer-Dahlin; Michele Leggott; Miriel Lenore; Cassie Lewis; David Miller; Gregory O'Brien; Vaughan Rapatahana; Margaret Ruckert; Pete Spence; Corey Wakeling; Tim Wright, plus reviews and interviews.

Laurie says he was aiming for "Australasian poetry (and this included expatriates and constant visitors)", so it's certainly a bi-ditch affair, plus others.


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