Whitmore Prize shortlist

The shortlist for the Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize 2011 have just been announced. The following poets, listed in alphabetical order, have been shortlisted for the prize:

B. R. Dionysius

Paula Green

Dominique Hecq

Jill Jones

Jo Langdon

Laura Jean McKay

Eddie Paterson

Nathan Shepherdson

Lucy Todd

Corey Wakeling

The organisers say: "With 116 entries received, a number of other very worthy submissions did not make the shortlist on this occasion. We found the entries to be of a very high standard. ...."

Part of the condition of submitting to the award was to only put forward unpublished work of up to 150 lines and to have a longer work, for the complete chapbook, in mind. As Anne Kellas points out on her blog, these conditions may be what resulted in the 'very high standard'.  

The winner, whose work will be published in a limited edition chapbook in early 2012, will be announced before the end of September.


Ivy said…
Congratulations on the shortlisting! :-)
Louise said…
Congrats from me also. Some pretty fine company you are in, good luck!
Graham Nunn said…
That is a stunning short list! Best of luck Jill.
Jill Jones said…
Thanks, all. Yes, indeed, it's a good varied list of poets. They did well picking.

I'm not holding my breath - this isn't my lucky year - but I will extend the original idea that was shortlisted and see if I can't get it into print somewhere.

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