the slippery thing - prose poem

A new issue of Mascara has hit the intertubes recently, and is focused on prose poems. It was edited by Keri Glastonbury. Includes two of my own prose poems. I write them from time to time - most of my books contain a prose poem or so - and at one stage a short ms of them was going to be published in a chapbook. However, I changed my mind and the chapbook became Struggle and Radiance, a different set of poems altogether. One of the poems in Mascara is a slightly revised version on a poem from that unpublished manuscript. I have been thinking of bringing some of them together, the published and unpublished, but had supposed the prose poem was not a fashionable item. Maybe there is some interest, still, in the form. Of sentences and paragraphs as poems. For instance, I liked the rhythm of Jen Crawford's and Tim Wright's sentences. And how Michael Farrell interrogates punctuation and makes you think of space in the paragraph. An issue full of interest.


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