November -- JJ doing poetry in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney

It's a busy November for me, as it turns out. As well as marking and administrivia stress outs, I'm dancing poetry around Australia, even in the current home town.

First up, because it's confirmed, and it's, urrm, first up, I'll be reading in Adelaide at the first Lee Marvin reading for November alongside David Mortimer, Heather Taylor Johnson and the maestro, Ken Bolton himself. So, that's Tuesday 3rd, November at Dark Horsey, the usual 7.30pm for 8pm.

The full Lee Marvin November program, a pretty tasty one for the beginning of the summer season, is as follows:

November 3rd 
Jill Jones  •  Heather Taylor Johnson  •  Ken Bolton  •  David Mortimer

November 10th 
Cath Kenneally  •  Naomi Horridge  •  Gretta Mitchell  •  Shannon Burns

November 17th 
Jelena Dinic   •  Mike Ladd 
•  Alison Flett  •  Peter Goldsworthy

November 24th 
Francesca da Rimini  •  Steve Brock  • Rachael Mead  •  Ken Bolton

Then, I'll be in Melbourne for the launch of my new book, Breaking the Days, from Whitmore Press. The venue and time is still to be confirmed, but it will take place on Saturday 21st November, afternoon or evening. Alison Croggon will do the launch honours. My thanks again to Alison and to Anthony Lynch and the Whitmore Press crew.

And then, I will be in Sydney for the November Rhizomic reading at Mr Falcon's on Glebe Point Road. That's Wednesday 25th November. Further details when they are available.

Maybe I'll get to other parts of Australia, if they'll have me, in future years.


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